We breed and sell Border Collie puppies in Orlando, FL


We want to thank you for considering Highland Border Collies in selecting your new lovable, loyal and intelligent puppy. We take pride in the lineage, health care, conditioning and training of our dogs to help insure high quality puppies.

The name of our business, Highland Border Collies, reflects the area in which we used to live and raise our Border Collies. When we first started raising Border Collies we were located in Monteagle, Tennessee at the historic Highlander Folk School. The Cumberland Plateau had breathtaking bluff views and are similar to where Border Collies originated in the highlands of Scotland.

We have moved from Tennessee to St. Louis, Missouri and have lived there since 2009. We just moved in August of 2017 from St. Louis to Houston, TX and are taking a break from breeding. We have three little children and were wanting to wait until they got a little older to pick back up the breeding. However, my mother and step dad have been dying to raise a litter of puppies from our border collies for a long time now, so we allowed them to do so. My mother lives in Orlando FL and that is where our adult dogs currently are, as well as the puppies..

All our breeding dogs are OFA hip tested and DNA tested for CEA.

Please feel free to browse around our website. We hope you are able to find the perfect border collie puppy.

Thanks for choosing Highland Border Collies.

Owner / Breeder
Highland Border Collies