How do I choose?
When choosing your Border Collie puppy remember that their temperament is very important.

Again, personality, skills and temperament is everything in a dog. The buyer needs to know what the puppy’s parents are like in regards to those three traits. That way they have an idea of what the puppy might be like. Do not just choose a puppy because of his looks or color. Really investigate the puppy's temper before purchasing him/her.

A good temperament is one of the most significant things when looking for a puppy. An alert, smart, loving and eager to please dog is always the best to choose. There are some Border Collies that can have a very high drive and others have a lower drive. Border Collies are very active and good work dogs. Depending on your living conditions and or if you are going to work the dog, you must decide and choose the personality of the puppy the best fits your needs.

In breeding, a puppy’s genealogy is very important. The parents and ancestors of the puppies should have fine bloodlines. Meaning that their health should be excellent, so that the puppies will not inherit any sicknesses. Also, if the ancestors have won awards in their skills, most likely the puppy will have the same abilities to be high achievers.