About 3 years ago, I adopted a puppy from my local Humane Society. He was a beautiful German Shepard, Golden Retriever mix. Shortly after adopting him, he was diagnosed with PARVO and the medical bills were going to be more than I could afford. A year after putting Miller down, I knew I wanted a dog and did not want to risk getting another sick pup. A year later, I started researching different dog breeds and breeders online. After lots of research, I decided a BC was the perfect dog for me. I found Highland Border Collies online and contacted Rebekah. She responded instantly about an upcoming liter with Kira and Cusco, and I quickly put down a deposit. I loved the Highlands BC website because I could see the previous liters and learn much more about the process. During Kira's pregnancy, Rebekah would constantly update me and let me know right when the puppies were born! She puts weekly pictures of the new pups on her website. Rebekah temperament tests her dogs and helps you find a personality match that will best suit you. When it became my turn to pick which puppy I wanted, Rebekah steered me in the right direction and I selected my best friend, Reese. I knew I wanted a companion that was a true and loyal dog. Reese went above and beyond my expectations. She is the smartest dog I have ever owned and is truly my best friend. My friends call her my "shadow" because where I go, she follows. I decided to put her brilliance to use and we are in training to be a volunteer therapy team through Hand-In-Paw. Reese has touched my heart so deeply, I wanted others to experience it. She is an active dog that could run for hours, but can also lay with me and fall asleep as I scratch her belly. She is the perfect balance between energetic, loving, and calm. I could not have asked for a more perfect dog for me or a better Breeder to go through. It has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait for more memories to come.

~ Maggie
(Reese out of Cusco & Kira, August 2012)


Two and one half years ago, I lost my border collie Pete. A large, 75 pound black and white beauty with loads of problems - hips, lose of hearing, aggression, liver problems, etc. But, after 16 years, it broke my heart. "No more!" Four days later I found my Doc on Highland Border Collie's website. And by the following Monday, he was in my arms.
When I contacted Rebekah I explained the type of dog I was looking for - sweat, gentle - a companion. She assured me I had found the right dog. She explained her philosophy of identifying the companion pups from the working pups. She told how Doc would be a companion pup and she was so right on. She explained the breeding process and heritage of her dogs so I knew I would not be facing the health issues I had with Pete. In short, I was given great information up front about my pup and all has worked out so well.
This little guy is the most loving affectionate dog I have ever been around. His temperament is gentle and playful. Intelligence - off the charts. He can be taken anywhere anytime and obeys all commands and has since he was quite young. Always eager to learn and please, Doc is just a wonderful companion. He plays frisbee, loves to go mt. biking, playing in the snow...and above all else - swimming! I look forward to many years with Doc.

~ Jackie
(Doc out of Cusco & Gracie, April 2011)


*Picture taken at Highland Border Collies*

Almost two years ago I lost my beloved Border Collie, Tex and so began my search for a new puppy. As soon as I found the Highland Border Collies website I saw the most adorable Border Collie with one blue eye (my dream dog). I immediately contacted Rebekah and she informed me that the puppy of my dreams was still available. From that very first phone conversation until I picked Brody up from the airport, Rebekah was always available to answer any questions that I had ( and I had many). Not only did she answer all of my questions but she also questioned my knowledge of the breed and made sure that the puppy would be a good match for my home. Brody is almost two years old now and perfect in every way. I cannot begin to explain how sweet and smart he is... not to mention easy to train. Since becoming part of my family, he has been a busy boy- enjoying sheep herding, agility and swimming. I highly recommend Highland Border Collies to anyone looking to purchase a Border Collie because if they turn out to be half the dog Brody is, it will be the best dog they ever owned.

(Brody out of Cusco & Gracie, April 2011)